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You can sell, everyone does – Your sale to yourself!

Sales- You can sell, everyone does – Your sale to yourself!


You can sell, everyone does – Your sale to yourself!

I sat down to write this piece and my focus was “the sale to yourself”. It got me thinking.

For most people, the Sale is only about You, what YOU can get out of it, how YOU can get the client to make a decision, how YOU can convince someone to do something. It’s all about YOU. At the end of a sale, so many customers have the feeling that they have been “sold” to…no wonder!!

That is where most people go wrong. Sales is not about convincing, it’s not about what you can get out of it, it is only about what THEY, yes them, your customer, your prospect, those people with the ability to buy your product or use your service can get out of it. It is NOT about YOU, it is ONLY about THEM!!

In today’s age, with the use of technology, I feel that we have lost, or are quickly losing the art of verbal communication the way we were created. Don’t get me wrong, social media, whatsap, bbm, sms etc. etc. have a huge place on the sales communication platform. However, the only way you can convey true emotion, and gauge true emotion is face to face. Sorry to scare most of you, but if you want to learn to be great at sales you need to learn how to get belly to belly with people and find out about them. It is way to easy to send an sms, or an email, or drop of a flyer; it is much harder to physically get in front of someone and talk to them.

Note, I said find out about them. I did not say tell them about you. So my challenge to you in the next week is for you to go out, find 5 people that you can sit down with and ask them about them. When you have found out about them, thank them for their time, and book another appointment to come back and meet with them to build the relationship. There is an age old saying, “People buy from people they like”. I dont know about you, but the people I like, the people I can associate with, the people I do business with, socialise with, and do life with, are not people I have met on face-book, or sms, or whatsap; they are people I have sat down with and formed a relationship based on a common thread. That thread has come from conversation, and spending time together. That thread has come from finding a common belief, a shared reality.

Try it… you may be surprised.

Be the Best You that You can be

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