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You can Sell, Everyone does… What is Sales?


You can Sell, Everyone does… What is Sales?

What is Sales?

This is a question that I have asked 100’s of people over the past 10 years.

Some of the the answers I have been given include…

Sales is…

“Convincing other people to buy things they don’t want”
“Done by people who have the gift of the gab”
“Not for me, I cant talk to people”
“Not for me, I cant lie”
“The way to create income”
“For certain types of people”
“For Extroverts not Introverts”

Unfortunately, for most people, the thought of Selling something, or being involved in Sales has a negative attachment. I say that that is unfortunate because I believe that sales is a learned skill that anyone can, and should learn in order to progress in life. Sales is not only done by people who earn commission & drive company cars, in reality every single person sells at some stage or another. If you have a job, are married, have a partner, have kids, have been for a job interview, you have been in sales. Robert Kiyosaki says that “sales is the number one skill in business & in life”.

The bottom line is this… If you want to get forward in life & in business, you need to learn how to Sell!! My mentor, Blair Singer, taught me that Sales = Income, and if you want to earn you need to become better at sales.

The art of Sales is really the art of Communication. Sales = Communication.
Can you learn to communicate with others to find out what they want, in order to find a solution to their need, and in so doing you get what you want in return?

Find a Need… Provide a Solution…Earn a Reward

It’s that easy if you are prepared to overcome what holds you back.

“Most people are not prepared do do the hard work it takes to make sales easy” Geofery Gittomer

Ask yourself these questions, and write down the first few responses that immediately come to mind. This exercise should take you no longer than 5 minutes.
What is Sales?
Am I in Sales?
Can I sell?
Do I sell?
Am I good at Sales?

In part 2 of this 6 part series I will cover the most important Sale of all…The Sale to Ourselves.

Be the Best You that You can be…

The SalesCoach

Sales is a Life Skill, Master it!!

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