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The advice that changed my life

Success- The advice that changed my life


The advice that changed my life

Its 4.57am on Thursday morning. I’m sitting at lanseria Airport about to fly to Durban to speak to 500 people on the secret to success.

I’m tired, as I am sure many of you are. It has been an amazing year and and its subsideries have grown incredibly and we are positioned to take our company to unimaginable hights next year and beyond. But through this amazing year I have learnt some invaluable lessons that I would like to share with you in the hope of helping you on your way to achieving amazing success. I would also like to simultaneously acknowledge some of the people who have profoundly influenced my life and growth in the last year.

1) Use your resources wisely

One of my most memorable experiences was when I sat with Mr George Ross (Donald Trumps #1 Advisor), in the Trump headquarters in New York in June. I must just say what an amazing experience it was to spend more than 2 hours learning from George and his incredible experience. One of the most important things he shared is about knowing how much resource you have and using it wisely.

A classic mistake I know I often make is trying to do too much with too little. Part of the reason I am tired is because I am burnt out and I have pushed the boundaries of what I can effectively do. I have been very vocal with my team for some time about us doing less really well, rather than more averagely. This is a key strategy for us going into the new year as well.

Your resources are your time (yours and team), your energy, your experience, your money and your reputation. Treasure them and become conscious of where the best use of them is every day. Mismanaging your resources often leads to very little worth mentioning, but using them effectively and efficiently is the difference between just getting by and true success.

2) Be true to yourself

One of the hardest questions for most people to ask is not what they do, but why they do it. Through learning and teaching the great Simon Sinek’s work on “Start with Why” I have found the profound power of knowing ‘why’ I do what I do and building the business from that ‘why’.

There is a lot more to this but I can truly testify to how much life starts to help you as opposed to hold you back when you know who you really are, what you value, why you do what you do and exactly where you are going. This congruence engages the real law of attraction and enables the guidance of the universe (or however you choose to interpret it), to aid you on your journey.

Besides Simon Sinek, my number one mentor in this has unquestionably been Dr John Demartini. I am grateful beyond words for his wisdom and guidance.

3) Have absolute unquestionable belief

I myself have struggled most of my life to truly believe in my own capacity to achieve amazing things. Everyone, regardless of what they say has a war raging between believing and disbelieving. They key is to live with absolute conviction in what you want to do and your ability to do it.

Easier said than done, but Tony Robbins, who was the first person to get me to move from ‘going with the flow’ of a non-productive life to truly believing I could dictate my own destiny, is my number one coach in this area. I had the privilege of spending 4 days with him in London at Business Mastery and it was one of many life changing experiences I had in 2014.

Thanks for turning me into a Gladiator Tony, because I need to be able to engage my peak state more than ever now to achieve the amazing dreams you inspired me to have.

4) Stay small to be ‘big’

Richard and Veronica Tan – The founders of Success Resources and probably my wealthiest friends in monetary and experience, have been such amazing mentors to me. Before I share some wisdom from them, I truly want to acknowledge them for the amazing examples they have been and for embracing and supporting me in my explosive growth. I don’t know how I would be anywhere close to where I am today without their amazing guidance and friendship.

When I spent a short amount of time with Richard in London a few weeks back, he shared one profound but simple insight. He said in business when you start to succeed you have two options – You stay small or you go big. He said going big may increase what you earn but it will all be absorbed in what you spend too be big. Staying small allowed you to leverage and maximize profit and outcomes without spending a fortune on infrastructure and resources. Stay small and be a master from that space.

5) Learn from the best by listening and watching

I have learnt so much from my friend JT Foxx who has taught me more by allowing me to watch and experience his life rather than teaching me directly. Despite his controversial style, he has been hugely successful and impacted me in many amazing was.

There are many other people who have taught me both Directly and indirectly this past year and I don’t think I can list them all, but one other who deserves a mention now is T-Harv Eker and Doug Nelson with the Millionaire Mindset Intensive. T-Harv is a true genius in this space and I am grateful beyond words for the impact he has made on me. I believe he truly broke my limitations in the space of money and how much I could earn and save in my life.

And last but not least Brian Tracy, my dear friend and a true legend in the personal and business growth industry. Thank you for all the advice and support.

I am going to leave it there because I have to board, but I hope I have given you some useful advice and please click on the relevant people I have mentioned to connect with their amazing teachings on the site.

have an amazing day

Kind Regards
Brian Walsh

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