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Don’t You Dare Give up on Success Now!

Success- Don’t You Dare Give up on Success Now!


Don’t You Dare Give up on Success Now!

quote-dont-give-upIt is the end of February and for so many people they are stuck back in the rutts of previous years. Many have given up on making 2014 a truly amazing year and many have just retreated into survival mode. Are you one of these people!

STOP – Do not allow yourself to recede into just accepting what you have always got. You are worthy of so much more. Don’t allow yourself to settle for less!

The true key to ensuring you keep growing and get progressively greater results in your life and business, is not settling for what you currently get. Raise your standards too not “want more” but rather to “must have more”.

We get what we settle for in life and far too often what we settle for is so much less than we can actually get. STOP Settling for less and make a decision right now that you will raise your standard and demand more of yourself and what life gives you in return.

5 Steps to ensure massive success in 2014

STEP #1 Immediately make a list of what you will no longer accept in your life. Then make another list of what you expect of yourself and life going forward.

I don’t care how tough it feels right now, do not settle for the same results as last year. Do not drop into survival mode. Make a commitment to be so much more and achieve much greater things.

STEP #2 Write a list of goals for the next month (to end March) and then the next 3 months (to end June) and lastly goals to be achieved by the end of 2014. Make them measurable and and tangible. Do not write ‘wishy-washy’ goals.

STEP #3 Write 1 or 2 immediate actions you can take for each goal. Actions you can take now that will be the first step to achieve the goal. THEN TAKE THEM! It does not matter how small they are, this will anchor the commitment towards achieving the goal and according to a multitude of research, increase the likelihood by 20 times that you will achieve the goal.

STEP #4 – Do something inspirational. Despite it being the last day of the month or financial year end, just do something today or this weekend that will inspire you. be creative but don’t allow yourself to wallow in anything negative.

STEP #5 – Lastly, commit to something that will uplift and educate you. Buy a book and start reading it or order an audio programme.

Look, all I want you to understand is you are living what you settle for. The very life you have now is what you are ok with. Stop being ok with it and make it an absolute must to live a better more fulfilled life.

I believe in you, I just need you to truly believe in yourself.

Go out there and be everything you are capable of being..

Yours in success

Brian Walsh

Please leave any questions or comments you wish below. I will endeavour to answer all questions for you. 

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