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The REAL Entrepreneur is the leading Business Coaching organization in Africa with hundreds of coaching clients from all 8 different countries.

We believe that coaching should not simply be about giving advice but rather guiding the entrepreneur onto a solid and reliable path for their success. Our coaching is very system oriented and revolves around a detailed strategy and holding the entrepreneur accountable to following through with such strategy.

REAL Entrepreneur Coaching is a highly researched and tested system of coaching that will ensure maximum results for reasonable investment of money and time.


The first thing to realise is that we believe in coaching entrepreneurs to focus on Wealth, Meaning & Freedom. Their strategy must reflect this and the bigger picture is always more important than the short term goals.

Our coaching is developed based on our REAL Success System™:

Results – Results is about knowing your goals in detail, having a plan towards achieving them, taking massive and persistent action, measuring the outcomes, reviewing regularly and adjusting and adapting where necessary.

Education – We need access to the best education to ensure we are constantly learning to become a better version of ourselves and improving how we manage and operate our business.

Accountability – A critical part of effective coaching is that you are held accountable to follow through with what you have committed to do.

Leverage – Beside leveraging other people and resources, you need to learn to leverage your own time, energy, reputation, skills and money to maximize your results.


“The reason that most businesses do not work is because the people who started them do”
– Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth Revisited

Besides dealing with the short term challenges and day to day operations, the major focus of REAL Entrepreneur Coaching is to get you out of being stuck working IN your business, doing, doing, doing, and rather get you to work ON your business.

Most people end up creating a job for themselves instead of a business that does the job. The problem with this is they get absorbed by the daily operations and tend to always run out of time and feel like they are forever putting out fires instead of focusing on taking the business to the next level.

At REAL Entrepreneur Coaching we focus on getting you out of your business so we can create a business that can run independently of you even if you choose to work for it. This is a process and requires various steps and stages to be completed and through the coaching we guide you through these steps and stages.


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