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Become a Millionaire Tip #1 – The best advice I ever got

Wealth- Become a Millionaire Tip #1 – The best advice I ever got


Become a Millionaire Tip #1 – The best advice I ever got

Im truly blessed to have achieved massive success in the last year. I now earn more in a month than I used to earn in a year. Some might say I’m lucky but I made a conscious effort to achieve financial success and in this series of tips I want to share what I did.

About 2 years ago I became really frustrated with struggling financially and I decided to take the advice of my good friend and mentor, Dr John Demartini. John had said I should learn everything I can about making, managing and saving money. He also made the point to learn from those who had achieved it, not those who had not but want to advise how one can become financially successful (boy are there a lot of those people).

I became obsessed with it and read a number of books, listened to various audio programmes and attended every seminar I could. At first nothing seemed to change, but slowly I noticed that things were getting a little easier.

Every morning I would go to Gym and listen to various audio books and programmes on wealth and making money. One that stood out more than most was T Harv Eker’s “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”. I think I listened to it 40 times.

In all my travels to the USA I always wanted to attend T Harv’s “Millionaire Mind Intensive” but never managed to be in the right place at the right time. Then last year I heard a rumour it was coming to South Africa and it did and I was there sitting in the front. I had R700 in both my personal and business bank accounts when I entered the room – 3 months later I was a millionaire.

Now I don’t know if it was just T Harv’s event or the culmination of everything I had done until then, but I do know that there are very few events I will claim literally changed my life, but this one did.

Look, I know the many years of struggle way heavily on you and it is hard to believe that simply learning and reading can change your financial future but I can truly testify that it does and this one event more than any other is the most profound of all.

So my first tip is become obsessed with learning how to make, manage and save money. Every day read books, listen to audio and where possible attend relevant events.

This will change your life!

Kind Regards

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