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REAL Entrepreneur Audio Programme

BUY NOW: R7995 including Shipping CLICK HERE TO BUY

The 12 Audio CD set with a 300-page workbook is a comprehensive look at how to move from self-employed to a REAL Entrepreneur. It features Brian Walsh sharing his insights into mastering Yourself, Money, People, Business and Entrepreneurship as a whole. It features inserts and strategies by other great trainers like Dr John Demartini, Brian Tracy and Roger Hamilton.

CD#1 – Introduction & Some Tips
CD#2 – Master Entrepreneurship
CD#3 – Master Yourself Part 1
CD#4 – Master Yourself Part 2
CD#5 – Master Yourself Part 3
CD#6 – Master Your Business
CD#7 – Master Your Money Part 1
CD#8 – Master Your Money Part 2
CD#9 – Master Your Team & Market
CD#10 – Bonus CD – Addicted to Profit Part 1
CD#11 – Bonus CD – Addicted to Profit Part 2
CD#12 – Bonus CD – Interviews With Giants

REAL Success Club Business Mastery Library (36 CDs)


This 36 Audio CD set is a complete guide of success in business featuring over 12 topics including Sales, Marketing, Teams, Financial Management, Customer Service and others. There are also 11 interviews with leaders in their respective fields like Tony Robbins, gary Vaynerchuk, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Simon Sinek and others.

This is probably the most comprehensive audio programme on business success in the world. It is the most up-to-date programme featuring the latest insights and strategies across a whole range of business disciplines.

CD#1&2 – REAL Success Part (2 CDs)
CD#3 – Interview With Azim Jamal
CD#4&5 – The Power of Being True To Yourself (2 CDs)
CD#6 – Interview With Simon Sinek
CD#7&8 – REAL Business Success (2 CDs)
CD#9 – Interview With Brian Tracy
CD#10 – Marketing 101
CD#11 – Internet Marketing 101
CD#12 – Interview With Frank Kern
CD#13&14 – Master Money & Wealth (2 CDs)
CD#15 – Interview With Tony Robbins
CD#16&17 – Financial Management (2 CDs)
CD#18 – Interview With Keith Cunningham
CD#19&20 – Sales is a Life Skill (2 CDs)
CD#21 – Interview With Gary Vaynerchuk
CD#22&23 – Building The Right Team (2 CDs)
CD#24 – Interview With John Maxwell
CD#25&26 – Conversion Optimization (2 CDs)
CD#27 – Interview With Brendon Burchard
CD#28,29&30 – Customer Service (3 CDs)
CD#31 – Interview With Joseph Michelli
CD32&33 – Management & Governance (2 CDs)
CD#34 – Interview With Carl Bates
CD#35&36 – Natural Energy Profiling (2 CDs)


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