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Ass-Kicking Monday from Las Vegas

Kick Ass Monday Videos

Ass-Kicking Monday from Las Vegas

The name says it all, but it might be a bit tamer than this one applies. I decided while traveling around the USA I will start a series of videos called “Ass-Kicking”. This will be a video released every monday that will hopefully inspire you to make this day, week, month, year a really awesome one.

The picture above which is actually from “Liquid Pool” at the resort we are staying at (and for some reason my all male team that are here with me seem to always want to hang out at this particular pool), is really just a way to stimulate what I address in this first video.

In this first video I question how we see things and how they influence our outcomes in life. So it really boils down to whether you want to spectate and criticise or participate and thrive.

Please leave comments about this video and its topic. Maybe you can spot some interesting things while I show you vegas from my hotel suite. I will do my best to reply and correspond as much as possible.

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