The REAL Entrepreneur is an organisation created by Brian Walsh with the objective of freeing self-employed people from their never ending struggles to becoming REAL Entrepreneurs who achieved true wealth, meaning and freedom in their lives.

What we Do

We connect people on learning journeys on a global basis.

Meaning we guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs on continuous educational self-improvement journeys featuring top international teachers and entrepreneurs like Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Sir Richard Branson and Tony Hseih, to name a few.

Why do we do it?

Entrepreneurs need to move beyond the cycle of struggle, and towards being able to exert significant positive impact on a much bigger scale – their business endeavours can have the power to help their communities, countries and ultimately, the world, through the resultant knock-on effect of economic growth. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are in actuality simply self-employed workers often just getting by financially as they struggle to earn a living… yet collectively they possess wondrous vision, human resources, innovation, skills, determination, love, passion, invaluable intellectual property and so much more. If self-employed people could all become REAL entrepreneurs™ who create true wealth, financial freedom and meaning in their own lives, they could then focus the above-mentioned resources they are gifted with into narrowing the wide societal divide of imbalance in the world.

“I absolutely believe entrepreneurs are the key to changing the world for the better. Once freed of their own struggles for mere survival, they then possess ultimate proactive power, much more so than the world’s politicians, to enable and action the realisation of this change.”
– Brian Walsh, Founder of The REAL Entrepreneur

How we do it


To coach 1 million entrepreneurs per year from all over the world and assist them in achieving significantly higher results and measurable improvements in both their financial and operational spheres of their business as well as their personal lives.


We coach aspiring and existing entrepreneurs one-on-one and in groups.


We host and promote some of the largest events in the personal and business growth industry.

Learning Portals

We have some of the most comprehensive online learning platforms in the world.


We produce and distribute various Audio programmes created by ourselves and other well known entrepreneurs and teachers.


Over 2 million people a year visit our websites to get the latest and most relevant articles and videos to inspire and equip them to achieve far greater results in their lives.

Upcoming Events

REAL Entrepreneur Intensive 2020


Tens of thousands of people have attend REAL Entrepreneur events over the last 5 years. The REAL Entrepreneur Intensive is the flagship event attended by over 2000 entrepreneurs from 14 different countries in the last 2 years. This event only happens once a year and is the absolute best way for any entrepreneur to start their year. 


7 – 9 FEBRUARY 2020



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