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8 Signs That 2018 is Your Year to Become an Entrepreneur


8 Signs That 2018 is Your Year to Become an Entrepreneur

Is 2018 your year to become an entrepreneur? Making the jump to being your own boss is a big decision to make—but it’s the only logical decision when you see the following signs in your life. Check out the list below to see if now’s the best year to start the first of many businesses.

Sign #1: You Believe Time is More Valuable than Money.

Money lost can be re-made, but time lost is lost forever! If you’ve known for years that time is more valuable than money, then you’ve pretty much got the mindset and decision-making skills of an entrepreneur. You probably already outsource many of your menial tasks—like household chores and accounting—so you can focus on the tasks that really matter.

Sign #2: You’re a Little Crazy.

Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Entrepreneurs are, for the lack of a better word, a little crazy. They’re dreamers and risk-takers, and they have a contagious optimism that’s borderline kooky. And you’ll need it when the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship come your way.

Sign #3: You Understand the Market Defines the Product, Not the Other Way Around.

When you want to start a business, what do you want to sell? If you want to sell a product because it’s cool or because you love it, then you’re thinking as a buyer – not an entrepreneur. But if you first do your homework to find what the market needs – and then find a great product to meet that need – then you’re pretty much an entrepreneur at heart!

Sign #4: You Can’t Work Alone.

If you’d much, much rather work in a group of four or more, then you’re predisposed for entrepreneurship! Successful entrepreneurs know that nothing big is ever achieved alone, so they surround themselves with people they can learn from, and who can fill in for their weaknesses.

Sign #5: You Don’t Give Up.

If you’re the type who never gives up until you reach a goal, then you have the resilience entrepreneurship will demand of you! When successful entrepreneurs fail, they don’t make excuses—they make adjustments. They keep working at the problem until they find a solution that works.

And speaking of solutions:

#6: You Solve Problems Easily.

If you’re the type who comes up with solutions easily—and if your solutions tend to solve the problem thoroughly, with minimal time and effort required—then you have the potential to create MANY successful businesses. After all, a business won’t last if it didn’t solve a problem!

#7: You Like Being in Control.

Do you prefer calling the shots over being at the front line—and are you good at it? Entrepreneurship are leaders at heart—they motivate the team, give the direction, and lead the charge.

#8: You Have Problems With Authority.

And lastly: Do you have issues with working under someone? Entrepreneurs have a problem with the status quo, especially when they know there’s a much better way to do things. In fact, a bad boss just might be your spark to leave the rat race and become your own boss.


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