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10 innovative ways to boost team morale and performance


10 innovative ways to boost team morale and performance

In every company, the management has a responsibility to make sure that the employees are happy and satisfied with the job. This might seem a bit of a tough job, but it is nonetheless important. if your employees are happy at the workplace, they will give you great output. The qualitative and the quantitative outputs are relatively on a higher side if the team is happy.

You can tell if the employees are experiencing low morale one or more of the following systems: lack of interest in work, longer breaks, decreased employee conversations, hampered work outputs and high turnover rates.

So how does this work? How does the management ensure that the employees are happy and content with the work? Well, there’s no certain way to ensure that. However, there are a number of ways that they can try and keep the ‘Job Satisfaction’ levels high and the team happy and engaged. Job satisfaction and work output are co-dependent components of any workplace, and thus, cannot be overlooked.

Below are some ways by which management can boost the team morale and performance.

The 10 innovative ways :-

1. Keep a multi-directional communication channel

Communication in a workplace should never by unidirectional. It is important that everyone in the team gets a say, and it’s not only the management that talks and others just listen. Give your employees the freedom of expression and speech, and that their opinions are well received. The idea is for them to believe that their opinions matter and are valued.

2. Let the team take the lead

It is really important to let the employees take charge every once in a while, and let them handle the work their way. This, of course, should not be done unsupervised, to ensure everything runs smoothly. There are many employees who are the experts in their particular field and prefer to work out some tasks in a way they are comfortable. If you interfere in their work, there’s a chance you might hamper the quality of their work by causing unnecessary disruptions.

3. Get rid of Email

Times are rapidly changing, and many offices are going with hi-tech and getting rid of some of the traditional modes of communication, like Emails. One cannot do away with emails completely, as it is important for official communication, but for other communication like internal and with some laid-back clients, it’s not as necessary. Softwares like Slack can replace email efficiently, at least within the office, thus boosting morale in ways not thought before.

4. Define everyone’s role clearly

Defining each employee’s roles and responsibilities lets them know their what their exact work is, and the parameters that they require to meet with. If the roles are not clearly defined, a communication gap might surface, leading to hampered work and output. The team managers should take charge of defining the roles for the team members, and keep a tab on the operations. This way the work gets closely monitored and employees know their roles and responsibilities.

5. Express your expectations clearly to the team

This is one of the most important factors that your team’s productivity depends on. Make your expectations from the team members clear to them, while giving them tips and suggestions which you think might help them achieve the desired results. The management also assumes that the team knows their roles and might give them work which might not be a part of their expertise. This can prove to be disastrous as you would not get the desired results. So it’s important to communicate your requirements and expectations from the team members clearly.

6. Include team members in decision making

Many times, team members have some insights or carry expertise in fields which you might not possess in spite of being the boss. In such cases, it is vital to take operational decisions by taking inputs from the expert team members. This will ensure that the decisions are made in a proper manner, and also that the team members know that their suggestions are considered by the management.

7. Do some quality control

This basically means that you need to weed out the bad guys from your organization to make sure there are no spoil-sports in the team. These kind of employees are the ones who are responsible for the foul environment in the company and tend to affect others around them in a negative way. identifying them and letting go off them is important for the smooth functioning of your production floor. This filters the employees, and the good ones are retained.

8. Show them that they are valued and cared for

You can show your employees that you care for them by some really simple yet nice gestures. Getting cakes on their birthdays and surprising them, invite their family members to annual functions and office parties, organize periodic fun events and games for the teams etc. Giving out gifts and other goodies on occasions also goes a long way, as employees like to receive gifts and know that they are valued by their employers.

9. Limit work hours

One thing which employees do not like is long work hours. If your office can function at full efficiency in a smaller shift time, there’s no point to introduce longer and compulsory shift time. Let people complete their work in the stipulated work hours. If you ask employees to stay back beyond their shift timings, they will not be happy, and might not concentrate on work as efficiently. This is one of the reasons for employees losing interest in work and switching to other companies.

10. Promote Internally

Promotion is one of the most important parts of a job everyone looks forward to. And when during an opening, the management gets some outsider onboard, it reduces the moral of the team. Instead, if they promote some deserving candidate from among the team members, the team happily accepts him/her and it is also easier to function the team under their supervision as everyone knows them well. So the part of gelling along doesn’t really come in.

These are just some ideas that an organization can implement to increase the team moral and maintain a healthy environment in the workplace. There are many more such ideas and concepts that a company can introduce to boost their morale and performance.

By Sensei

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